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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 10, 2013, 3:55 PM
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Hello everyone!

This is just a friendly reminder to all members that the group does not accept certain types of artwork.  The list has long been posted at the top of the group's home page but the group is still declining submissions daily because they don't meet these requirements.  To possibly help alleviate any confusion or misinformation, here is the list of art that is not allowed in the group (same list from the home page) with more detailed explanations of what each type of art is.  Hopefully this will lessen the amount of art we are forced to decline!

- Fan characters depicted with official characters at more than a 1:1 ratio. Crossovers with other official anime/manga/movies/et cetera are accepted.
:pirate: This means that while the group DOES allow fan-made characters (OCs) and crossovers, official One Piece characters MUST account for at least HALF of the image.  With crossovers, your art might be accepted even if One Piece characters account for less than half but they must still be a prominent part of the image.

- Any kind of copying from official art. Art theft is not tolerated.
:pirate: This includes manga colors/recolors, redrawing a manga page/screencap/artbook illustration/etc., and any other form of redrawing/tracing/recoloring artwork that you did not originally create yourself.  This also includes coloring others' fan art if you don't clearly have their permission to do so.
- Sketches, doodles, or other work that does not show obvious effort on the artist's part.
:pirate: Please do not submit artwork that isn't complete or took very little effort to create.  In progress images may be allowed if the artwork looks complete at the stage it's being presented (e.g. a finished lineart drawing that you intend to color later).

- Poorly cropped, scanned, or photographed images.
:pirate: When scanning or photographing your image, make sure the image is evenly and well lit (try to take photos outside on a sunny day) and well cropped to hide any part of the scan or photo that isn't part of the actual artwork.  We won't accept images that have lots of dark areas due to bad lighting, have lines around the edge that could have been cropped out, or are blurry or grainy.

- Official screencaps or manga scans.
:pirate: This is closely related to the first rule.  This one includes "motivational/demotivational posters" that use manga scans or anime screencaps and any art that includes or copies from official artwork even if it's only in part.  Using official imagery is not only against group rules, it violates deviantART rules and may even be illegal.

- Artworks that have distracting elements such as dirt or creases.
:pirate: Craftsmanship is important!  This rule means we won't accept artwork drawn on lined paper, art that looks unintentionally dirty or creased, drawings done in the margins of schoolwork, etc.  Take pride in your work, it shows how much you truly care!

- Deviations which break deviantART rules.
:pirate: There are too many dA rules for me to rewrite them here but most of them are extremely straightforward such as 'don't post anything that you don't own copyright to' or 'depictions of graphically sexual acts is not allowed'.  If you don't know what dA's rules are, start with the Help & FAQ page, it has most, if not all, of the deviantART rules:

I really hope this will help clear some things up for those who continue to submit items that must be inevitably declined!  We don't have time (or the patience, really) to write up an explanation for every decline so please remember: if your work was declined, it broke one of the group rules. Simple as that ^^;

Thanks for your time and keep showing that One Piece love!

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Any One Piece fan is free to join this group as a member! Just click the button above reading "Join our Group". All join requests are automatically approved. You can also simply +watch our group if you're not interested in submitting fan art or participating in group activities.

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- Click on "Gallery".
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- Select the deviation you wish to submit and click "OK".

- Only members can submit their deviations. Do not submit others' deviations, they will be declined.
- The content of submitted deviations must be created by you. If the work is a collaboration, it must state so clearly in the deviation's description and must credit the other artists who worked on the piece.
- Deviations must show effort on the artist's part. Please do not submit incomplete work or simple sketches/doodles/et cetera. Submissions will never be declined based on skill-level, only effort-level.
- Copying, tracing, recoloring, or otherwise plagiarizing official artwork or another artist's artwork is not allowed in this group.
- Fan characters must not be depicted alone or in a ratio more than 1:1 with official One Piece characters. It is strongly suggested that crossovers also follow the 1:1 ratio.
- All images must be well-cropped, -lit, -scanned, -photographed, and otherwise well-presented, as applicable. Please do not submit deviations with distracting elements (such as a piece that was drawn on lined paper).
- Submit & run will not be tolerated. If you join the group, submit work, then leave the group, your work will be removed. Depending on how much inconvenience your actions generate, you may even be banned to prevent it from happening again.

To reiterate, we do not accept:
- Fan characters depicted with official characters at more than a 1:1 ratio. Crossovers with other official anime/manga/movies/et cetera are accepted.
- Any kind of copying from official art. Art theft is not tolerated.
- Sketches, doodles, or other work that does not show obvious effort on the artist's part.
- Poorly cropped, scanned, or photographed images.
- Official screencaps or manga scans.
- Artworks that have distracting elements such as dirt or creases.
- Deviations which break deviantART rules.

:bulletwhite::bulletpink::bulletblue:Affiliation Rules :bulletblue::bulletpink::bulletwhite:

In order to ensure our affiliates are quality groups we can feel confident in recommending to our members, we have laid down these standards which all affiliates must meet:
- The focus/subject matter of a group must be directly related to One Piece.
- Groups must have at least 50 members (watchers don't count).
- Groups must have been in existence for six months minimum.
- A group's attitude and behavior must be positive and semi-professional.
- Inactive groups will not be accepted or will be removed from our affiliates roster, as the case dictates.

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For fans of the story and characters from the One Piece anime, manga, and video games to come together and share fan art, fan fiction, and cosplays, and to discuss the series. This encompasses all of the One Piece characters, including the main Strawhat Crew, non-Strawhat pirates, and marines of note. Even fans of the ships Going Merry Go and Thousand Sunny Go are welcome to this, the original One Piece fan club on deviantART, turned Group!
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''Do not submit others' deviations,''
Does that also count for commissioned work? After all, if someone commissions art from someone, the one who paid for the art has an ownership aswell. And peopl who maybe did a OP themed commission once won't spend their time joining groups just to share one piece of art, yet it would be sad taking the chance away from others to see the artwork.

So my question, can someone submit art to the group that they paid for, and where the artist clearly is not in the fandom, and therefor won't share the artwork through groups, while they don't mind their art getting shared through such?
AnimeGirlMika Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Professional General Artist
No.  The question is not about who owns the work, it is about who physically created it.  Thanks for asking :)
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